Does Louisiana Auto Insurance Cover Vehicular Flood Damage?

January 24, 2014

Louisiana’s close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, as well as upwards of 50 rivers, streams and bayous in the state – including the famous Mississippi River – leaves many residents at an increased flood risk.

When the water starts rising and the sirens sound, many of us retreat into our homes, hoping that they will stand strong, safe and dry. But we can hardly bring our cars inside with us, and for those of us who don’t have garages – which don’t ensure safety, themselves – water damage to our cars is almost a certainty.

Does my auto insurance cover flood damage?

That depends on your policy. Floods fall under an auto insurance category called “Comprehensive,” which isn’t a requirement of the state of Louisiana – although we highly recommend it.

If you have the bare-minimum auto insurance policy, you probably only have liability coverage, which pays for damages caused to others by you, your family members, and other individuals driving your car with your permission.

About Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance covers damages to your car resulting from what we often call “Acts of God.” Examples include your car being stolen, vandalized, or being damaged by hurricanes, fire, and – you guessed it – floods.

No one wants to get stuck paying for their entire car out-of-pocket. To ensure that your car is covered, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Concerned about more than just your car?

Our homes and belongings aren’t safe from floods either. Louisiana is regularly affected by heavy rains, tropical storms, hurricanes and other adverse conditions that cause millions of dollars worth of damage each year.

Only one third of Louisiana homeowners are covered – don’t get left holding the bill!

For information on our flood insurance coverage, please click here, or contact us for further information and a free quote!

Photo Credit: CC Image Courtesy of Chris Waits