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Vacant Home InsuranceServing the vacant home insurance needs of Baton Rouge and all of Louisiana since 1974.

Vacant homes need insurance just as much as occupied homes, and it’s important to protect your home financially as long as you own it.

There are several reasons why a home may be unoccupied. Maybe you’re on an extended vacation or the home is undergoing a long term renovation. Maybe you’re in the process of selling the home and have already moved out. Maybe you’re in between tenants.

Whatever the reason, your vacant home needs the right kind of insurance, and that’s where we come in.

Guffey Insurance Agency, Inc. of Baton Rouge offers several coverages under vacant home insurance in order to protect your home and satisfy your needs.

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What Does Vacant Home Insurance Cover in Louisiana?

Vacant home insurance basically provides the same coverage as a standard homeowner’s policy.

Your coverage should include:

  • Property or Dwelling Coverage
  • Personal Liability Coverage
  • Medical Coverage
  • Personal Property Coverage

The difference is, you may have to pay a higher premium for vacant home insurance because there’s a higher risk of something going wrong when a house is unoccupied.

But don’t use that as an excuse to stick with a standard policy — the insurance carrier may be able to deny your claim if the home is vacant, putting you at high financial risk.

Guffey Insurance Agency, Inc. will work with you to find an affordable vacant home insurance policy that best fits your needs. We make finding affordable insurance coverage easy. Get a free Louisiana vacant home insurance quote today!

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