Optional Homeowners Insurance Endorsements

February 26, 2016

Every home is unique. A basic homeowners insurance policy may not be offering you enough coverage for you and your home.

Home Insurance Endorsements

A homeowner insurance policy is there to help protect your home if it is damaged or destroyed by fire, vandalism, theft, or other covered event. It should also cover you if someone is injured while on your property.

In addition to the standard coverage, you have the option to add additional homeowners insurance endorsement based on your specific needs.

About Homeowners Insurance Endorsements

A homeowners insurance policy may not cover everyone and every home equally. An additional homeowners insurance endorsement option allows homeowners to select specific coverage options that can benefit them and their home aside from their basic homeowners policy.

To find more information about what’s covered in a basic homeowners insurance policy, you can contact your independent agent today!

Optional Coverages and Endorsements

The following are some endorsement options that you may be interested in adding to your basic homeowners insurance policy.

  • Scheduled Personal Property Endorsement: If you have valuables such as jewelry, computers, antiques, or other items that you find of great value, this endorsement option can offer your valuables greater protection than your basic homeowners insurance policy.
  • Extended Dwelling Coverage: Provides up to an additional percentage of the dwelling coverage amount should repair or replacement exceed the original dwelling coverage amount displayed on the declarations page.
  • Refrigerated Products: Provides coverage for loss to covered property stored in freezers/refrigerators.
  • Building Ordinance or Law Coverage: Increased limits are available to increase coverage for requirements to comply with any ordinance or law that regulates the construction, repair, or demolition of the dwelling following a covered loss.
  • Identity Recovery Coverage: Provides coverage for expenses, including help-line assistance and case management services, to assist a customer with the recovery of their identity following a covered ID Theft loss.
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage: Optional coverage that provides coverage for accidental direct physical loss to covered property caused by equipment breakdown (limit and deductible apply). The wear and tear exclusion in the policy applies to this coverage. Covered losses must be direct, accidental and sudden, such as a broken part or electrical arcing. Routine performance failure due to age is not covered.
  • Home Day Care Services Coverage: Optional coverage that provides liability coverage for home day care services at the residence premises

If you’re in need of additional homeowners insurance protection, an optional homeowners insurance endorsement may be just what you need.

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Photo Credit: CC Image Courtesy of Tobin