What Does Landlord Insurance Cover in Louisiana?

October 5, 2015

Your rental property is a huge investment — the right coverage can protect you from financial loss.

Apartment Building

Landlord insurance provides protection for your rental property in the event that it is damaged or destroyed due to a covered event. It can also provide you with coverage if a renter or guest is injured on your property.

Landlord insurance will not cover your tenants’ personal property. They will need to purchase a renters insurance policy for coverage.

Typical Coverage Options

As mentioned above, landlord insurance is designed to help protect the property and the owner of the property.

To break it down, here are some of the key things a standard landlord policy protects —

  • The rental building or property
  • Other structures on the property such as garages and sheds
  • Personal property located on the premises
  • The owner against personal injury, wrongful eviction, libel, and slander
  • The owner’s spouse or domestic partner against personal injury, wrongful eviction, libel, and slander

If you find yourself needing more liability protection than your landlord policy provides, you can purchase a personal umbrella insurance policy for much broader protection.

How to Get Landlord Insurance in Louisiana

Having the right landlord insurance could truly make or break your business. If you or someone you know is a landlord in Louisiana, it’s important to find the best landlord insurance for you and your property.

Please contact Guffey Insurance Agency, Inc. today and request a free online quote or ask for more information about the right landlord insurance for you.

Photo Credit: CC Image Courtesy of SounderBruce