Why is Louisiana car insurance so expensive?

December 6, 2012

People who call Louisiana home pay some of the highest rates for car insurance in the country. What makes Louisiana car insurance different?

Louisiana Car Insurance

Photo Credit: omnibus (Creative Commons)

According to data compiled by the website CarInsuranceQuotes.com, Louisiana and Michigan residents pay the highest percentage of their annual incomes for car insurance in the United States. People living in Michigan pay about 8% of their annual incomes while people living in Louisiana pay about 5.5%.

Car insurance rates differ from state to state due to a number of variables. The annual amount of injury claims is one such variable and is the main reason why Louisiana car insurance is so expensive. Louisiana has a higher number of injury claims per year than any other state.

Other variables that affect the cost of Louisiana car insurance include:
  • Local costs for medical care and car repairs
  • The costs of insurance fraud in Louisiana
  • The number of uninsured motorists on the road
  • The percentage of residents living in densely populated areas

Stop paying too much for Louisiana car insurance

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